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Questions About Perch License

Hi, I absolutely love Perch. I've officially used it on 5 websites now. I started a new project recently that I'm interested in using for multiple clients in the future. However, I read your license agreement and I have some questions.

To quote your terms: "We’re all for the ambitious and experimental, but although you are entitled to include Our Software as part of the final product that you are delivering to your client for the purpose of using and administering the website that is the subject of the Project, you can’t sub-licence Our Software repeatedly to the world at large, whether as a hosted content management system (similar to or in any other way. You are buying a licence for one Project and one Project only."

Can you explain more what you mean by "sub-licensing" repeatedly? Am I able to utilize a web-design template I designed with Perch and offer it to multiple clients? (I would buy a Perch license for each client website, of course).

Also, are there any restrictions to including your name (Perch) on our own website or advertisements as the official CMS we build our websites on?

Thanks for your time. I know this is a long one.

Greg Stone

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  • 6 years ago
Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

What we mean is you can't set up a "hosted Perch" service for example. Buy one license and then serve multiple sites from it. As long as each site has a license you are within the terms of our licensing agreement - we have a lot of Perchers who do cost-effective template based sites using Perch. It works really well for that as Perch is designed to make things as reusable as possible.

Very happy for you to mention Perch on your site! :)

Awesome! Thank you Rachel!!!