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Edit a members password

My client wants a protected area on the website, so I was thinking of using the members add-on. But it will only contain one member, which from the client can change the password on a regular base. (the login form for the protected area has only a password field, no e-mail required).

Can I hack the members add-on in such way? I found a way to display the password (when editing a member) but it's hashed... so I guess I can't use it in that way? Any suggestions?

Ken Wuytack

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  • 7 years ago

You could just put the protected area pages in a htaccess password protected folder that you set up on your hosting environment.

But that doesn't give my client the ability to change the password on a regular basis?

Only with access to the hosting control panel or the htaccess files depending on how your host handles protected directories.

Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

Members set their own password, so this needs to be done from the front end.

The simplest method would be to have a 'secret' page on the site. Look in as the member, then go to the URL of the secret page to change the password.

Ok, I had little hope for an option to do it in the back end. Thanks for the feedback.