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Events Template

I have copied the default event.html template to perch/templates/events, then when I modify the template I can't seem to remove the default 'Name', 'Description' and 'Date' fields.

I can add new ones but even when I remove everything in the template, I still get those default fields.

Any ideas?


Creative Monster

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  • 7 years ago

Those three fields are defaults required by the Events App, they can't be removed.

However, you can use perch_events_custom for output to specify another custom template that doesn't include them -

I understand I can use perch_events_custom to modify the output, but there is no need for 'Description' on my current project. Leaving it in the admin area will just confuse things for the client.

Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

That's just a limitation.


Comment out the needed fields, such as 'eventDescRaw' (although this is probably un-advised, as any update to perch will correct this).