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Problem making new pages in 2.5.1

Previously page creation consisted of the naming process + assigning a Master Page (which had previously been associated with an existing page containing all the regions we want on the new page). This process meant we did not have to assign Regions to each new page because the information had been picked up from the process I described. In 2.5.1 this process no longer works. Unless we select a Parent Page (which contains the regions we want) every time we make a new page, we cannot make a new page with all the regions in place awaiting new content.

Stefan Youngs

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  • 7 years ago
Drew McLellan

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What are you selecting if you don't select a parent page?

The previous behaviour was that once we had associated a Master Page with a parent page, the regions defined in the parent were ALWAYS invoked whenever we used the same Master Page. We never had to choose a parent page for every new page created. Why has the behaviour changed? It's a backward step meaning we have to go back and re-educate our writers to use a new process.

Nothing has changed at our end except we upgraded to 2.5.1

The expected behaviour is that the process that worked before should work now. It doesn't because every time we now create a new page with the same Master Page we have to again select a parent page. For every page.

Let me ask this question:

What is the step by step process that should be followed so that the selection of a Master Page will automatically pre-select the regions that are to appear on every page being created from that Master Page?

Thanks in advance

Drew McLellan

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I don't understand what you mean by associating a master page with a parent page.

I'd recommend waiting until 2.5.2 tomorrow. We have a fix for a bug that affects creating top level pages. Perhaps that's what you're referring to. If so, it could just be fixed already.

2.5.2 restores the behaviour we had before, which is good. Once again, once we have defined a Master Page as copying regions from a pre-existing page with regions, then all subsequent new pages generated from the Master Page appear with the same regions pre-defined and ready for text entry.