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Valiance Asset Management site

I designed and built a site for Valiance - launched a month or so back (May 2014).

The client had a site but its content and structure was out of date and no-longer worked for the organisation. The site was also static and they found themselves with a bottleneck whenever they wanted to make a change. In addition, their visual identity, while beautiful in print, just wasn't working as well online.

I worked with them to take their identity to the web and structure and design the site around their new, updated approach and requirements - and some of the legal requirements unique to the specialist sector in which they operate.

From a technical and design point of view it was a really interesting one to work on as there was a very short timeline. I used a combination of Sketch app, Macaw and in-browser design to rapidly mock-up and explore options. For reviews I tend to prefer letting the client play with an actual site. However, where that wasn't feasible Adobe's Creative Cloud file-sharing feature was a real time-saver as it allowed rapid sharing, commenting and version controlling of mockups and ideas.

The real star of the show is Perch though as the client has needed no coaching at all on how to manage and update the site - something I've found time and time again. The support time this saves is incredible.

All in all: happy client and a fun project to work on.

You can see the site at

Alex Magill

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  • 7 years ago