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Renaming multiple instances of blog app in perch admin

Hi all,

I've just set up a new install of Perch 2.5.2 on my local machine and want to run multiple instances of the blog app, one for a news feed and one for a special offers (they'll be styled on different templates).

Installing 2 versions of the blog app worked fine in that I just renamed the folder of the second version to perch_specialoffers before placing it into the addons folder. However in the admin both blogs are named 'Blog' in the Apps menu - how do I change the names of these to avoid confusion for the client? One will be 'News' and the other 'Special Offers'?

I couldn't find any info in the docs or forums about this but heard on the podcast a while back that multiple versions of blog app is now possible.

Thanks all in advance.

Adam Green

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  • 7 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

Running multiple instances of apps is not supported.

Were you thinking of Sections?

Aha! Thanks Drew, must have got my wires crossed. I'll investigate sections as a possible solution so. Cheers, Adam