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License / Serial keys for digital products in Shop


How should I go about handling license keys for digital products in the Shop App?

Any tips or ideas are welcome.

The particular needs are something like this:

  • The shop owner uploads a CSV file of all license keys
  • There are only 1 product but there might be different kinds of licenses, i.e trial, standard, extended...
  • On buy a license key is supplied to the buyer and "ticked off" from the master list.
  • Preferably the buyer should be able to recover his license key later, perhaps through member/login area
  • Preferably there should be a notification to the owner to upload more licenses when the site is running low on licenses

Any pointers on how to accomplish this in Perch are welcome. If there are third-party solutions to integrate that might be absolutely fine too.

Tim Kinali

Tim Kinali 0 points

  • 3 years ago