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Any image upload/crop/resize alternatives?

Are there any alternate systems for uploading, cropping, and resizing images that work with perch?

The loss of quality with perch's image uploads is just ridiculous. If I can't find a solution to this I'm going to have to start thinking about switching to a different CMS.

  • Yes I am setting image quality on image tags to 100
  • Yes I realize that jpgs degrade with every edit, but it seems to be much worse on perch than other CMS
Halley Carleton

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  • 7 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

Can you give an example?

I'm struggling with image quality too.

In my case, images with a uniform colour background (e.g. illustrations, logos) are appearing with lightly flecked backgrounds. I'm specifying quality="100" and sharpen="0". The only processing I'm asking Perch to do is a resize.

JPGs are bad, but PNGs containing transparencies contain very unsightly artifacts - so much so that they are unusable.

Plus, PNGs are often cropped a few pixels too short.

It only seems to occur when asking Perch to resize images. As a work-around I'm cropping images manually and not asking Perch to do anything.

I've tried on Windows and Unix and both have the same trouble. Frustrating!!!