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WorldPay Shop Integration

I used Perch Shop to replace an old ecom platform for a client during the beta phase, and as they are waiting on WorldPay support they are now bugging me (absolutely not your fault I know) when the site can go live.

So I looked at the Shop docs again and noticed this:

It’s also possible for a PHP developer to add support for an unlisted gateway.

Does this mean I can integrate WorldPay myself?

Toby Martin

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  • 5 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

Yes, in theory one could do that.

Does that mean you wouldn't recommend it?

Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

The adding support for an unlisted gateway is more in reference to OmniPay - as in creating an integration for a gateway they do not list. OmniPay is an OS project with connectors for different gateways which we use to help with integration into Shop. However, it isn't just "plug and play". Each gateway needs a reasonable amount of work even when using OmniPay to get it working, which would involve making changes to the shop code. We can't support Perch or our Addons once they have been modified by a third party which is why we wouldn't recommend it.

We are intending to add WorldPay support, though I appreciate if you have a client wanting it right now it is an issue to wait.

Thanks for the response Rachel.

For now I think we'll just wait, and try to convince the client to wait a little longer. I have tried to persuade them to move over to Stripe, even for just the time being, but they're not keen.