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Search with filtering


I'm trying to work out of Perch (or Perch Runway) would be a feasible basis as the solution for a project I'm about to start work on, rather than build an application from scratch. My client wants to create and store records with various textual data, some of which would be standardised, and some of which would be unique. They would then like to be able to firstly list all the records, and secondly search through that data, using both keywords and filtering by fields in the search. I'm picturing using Collections for the records, with categories as the filterable data. So my main concern is, can Perch enable that kind of filtered search out-of-the-box, or quite straightforwardly via the API?

Thanks in advance! Matt.

Matt Keehan

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  • 4 years ago
Drew McLellan

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You can currently perform a full text search (which uses MySQL full text indexing) and you can also filter. You can't do both a once.

If your solution relies heavily on search, you'll probably want a dedicated search solution like ElasticSearch or Solr, as that will far and away give you better results than MySQL can manage.