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How do I include inline javascript in a php echo?

I'm working with the members app, echoing certain options for a person that's logged in. In this instance, I have a set of buttons that toggle one of two divs with a hide/show javascript function.

How do I include the toggle function in this? Right now it causes a php error.

echo'<a class="button" onclick="toggle('InqForm');">Research Inquiry</a><div class="togglehidden" id="surnameInqForm"></div>';

Or is there a better way to structure it?

Gary Iverson

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  • 7 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

To do it that way, you need to escape the single quotes with backslashes so that they don't end the string:

echo'<a class="button" onclick="toggle(\'InqForm\');">Research Inquiry</a><div class="toggle hidden" id="surnameInqForm"></div>';

Another way is to break out of PHP and just write it to the page:

<a class="button" onclick="toggle('InqForm');">Research Inquiry</a><div class="toggle hidden" id="surnameInqForm"></div>

And if you're really up for rethinking things, writing inline JavaScript is considered a bit old hat. You might want to read up on unobtrusive JavaScript. Here's a good primer:

I'll look into that, thank you. I'm so into rethinking it that I might not really need JavaScript at all for this...I could just show both forms which saves a click or tap.