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Image republishing

An longstanding feature suggestion I've been talking about with Drew already. I'm putting it here to see if I get some backing :-)

Me, earlier:

I would like to be able to republish / re-render all Images in a site when I change a template and hit "republish". Say you "retinafy" a site and want make your images into "compressive" ones.

Drew, earlier (in my words):

It's a performance risk. As php tends to fail silently with image rendering memory issues, there's a risk of damaged images on less potent hostings.

Now we have Assets, and if I re-select an image from assets, that specific image will be re-rendered. That's a big step already, but for larger sites it would be tedious still.

Are you still considering an image republishing/re-rendering feature in combination with future "assets" features?

And are there other users that would appreciate such a feature?

Urs Bräm

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  • 7 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

Yes, it's coming.

Oho! Hopefully not in the next 2 hrs :-) Thanks as always!

Looking forward for this one. It has been a long wanted feature...

Definitely would love this feature!