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Trying to set up perch on a new site

Hi I have been trying to set up the perch cms system on a new site but it's not working. I have contacted the hosting company and they are adamant that its all set up correctly.

Can anyone help?

Chris James

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  • 7 years ago

More people would be able to help if you expanded on what you mean by "it's not working".

Do you get an error anywhere? Do you see anything on the page?

Sorry I get a message saying

Creating database tables… Unable to create database tables.

Sounds like the details in perch/config/config.php for your database are incorrect.

Have you managed to run it locally? You need to check the following constants match your database connection details:

define('PERCH_DB_USERNAME', 'the username for your database');
define('PERCH_DB_PASSWORD', 'the password for your database');
define('PERCH_DB_SERVER', 'localhost'); // I would imagine this will be localhost, but you need to double check
define('PERCH_DB_DATABASE', 'the name of the database');

If those are all definitely correct, then it could be that the user you are connecting as doesn't have the required permissions to create new tables in the database.

Try adding the following to perch/config/config.php and see if you get any better information

define('PERCH_DEBUG', true);

Some experience of this tells me you may have set up the MySQL database and also defined a MySQL username and password - but not given the right permissions for that user to do things to that database.

Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

Also worth trying the server compatibility test:

Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

Did you get a pass from the Compatibility Test for this site? If not, then that is the first step.

If you did then you need to use the exact same details that passed the test to install Perch.