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Perch Shop - Custom Data / Engraving

Hi Guys,

thats a little bit hard for me to explain, cause i'm not a native speaker, but: Is it possible to pass custom data with a product at purchase? What i want to achieve is kind of a engraving service. Check apple for example:

Thanks for your answers Manuel

Manuel Hügel

Manuel Hügel 0 points

  • 5 years ago

Hi Manuel,

This is a product customisation, it is on the roadmap so you should vote for it to be added:

This is a feature I have voted for, at the moment it's a show stopper for me on a new project.

A workaround could be using a cart-property - but this is cart-wide, not specific to a product, so would only really work if you had one product being purchased. Something like:

<perch:input type="text" id="engraving" label="Engraving" cart-property="engraving" />

But as I say this isn't really a great solution

Thank you guys for that quick response! It has now one vote more on the roadmap.

Thanks Mike, I might explore that as a workaround for now. Not great as you say.