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Members App - Search and Ordering

One my clients is getting several new members a day and having to locate one of them by name (e.g. say to add a tag) rather than email becomes cumbersome when there's no search facility or even column ordering. For now, I've hacked the default order ($default_sort_column and $default_sort_direction) in the Members class but was hoping a first-party solution could be on the cards in the near future?

Brendan Markham

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  • 5 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

Yes, sorting and searching lists is planned for 2.9 in Perch Runway.

Only Perch Runaway? Client is using Perch.

Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

That's right. Our aim with the two products is to keep Perch for the simple use cases and Runway for the more complex ones, and sites with lots of content.

It is very straightforward to upgrade from Perch to Runway as your site grows. If the client is getting several new members a day that sounds like a very good candidate for a Runway site. Rather than the brochure style sites Perch is most suited for. Things like the backup would also be handy to ensure they don't lose any data.

Thanks Rachel.

Not sure the client is up for paying another $180 to be able to search through members at this point in time. The site content is quite small hence the Perch license but good to know these features are upcoming in Perch Runway if we do upgrade.