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Local version of Perch site suddenly down


I just did an FTP sync up to my server. After completing, I reloaded my local site, only to find it is spitting out a blank page. Inspecting output shows empty lines. I have checked for php errors in my code but all brackets etc look good. I even synced the index.php back from the working server version again, overwriting local.

so: dev.munro is my local url dev.munro/perch is perch neither of these are working at all

could it be a license issue? on I have dev.munro as my Development domain.

Adam Menczykowski

Adam Menczykowski 1 points

  • 7 years ago
Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

No it couldn't be a license issue. If you are getting a blank page you have a PHP error, so something has been changed in your local files. Did you overwrite your config file?

It looks like my config file was last edited the same time as my sync. I backed the local site up and overwrote the perch folder from the remote version and that fixed it.