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Upgrade Tool for what files to change from version to version

Hi Guys,

Not sure how many others are in this boat, but I don't update Perch sites whenever there is a new release. Unless there is a specific feature or improvement/bug fix then I would leave the site and not upgrade. Perhaps then suggesting an upgrade to the client, as they wanted to make any significant changes to the site.

Having updated a few Perch sites recently with a few more to do, something I thought might be quite useful is perhaps a tool where you can enter the current version you are running (perhaps for apps too) and it then advises you what files/code you need to update in order to upgrade to the latest version.

For some sites I run, there are significant gaps and releases between versions. So instead of having to go through each upgrade patch and note what has changed/what is required, it might be nice to say. If you are upgrading from v2.3.1 to 2.5.3 then you will need to replace the core folder, the markitup editor, and the blog app would also need updating too. Also any code changes required, like for example the apps config file changing into an array etc.

I love Perch, but I find upgrading can be a bit of a task sometimes, especially if there are major releases. I am not a WP fan, but I have to say their upgrade mechanism is quite easy to do. I don't know how many others are in this boat, and I realise with core releases changes to code are required, so it's not so easy, but perhaps patch upgrades could be made easier and done through an admin panel?

Just throwing a few ideas out there really. Don't know if you get much feedback regarding upgrades.

Cheers Terry

Terry Upton

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  • 7 years ago
Drew McLellan

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It's always the core folder, and then sometimes MarkItUp if that's changed.