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Micro donations to Edgeofmyseat

Random question: have you guys ever thought about having a little "Donate" button somewhere on your site, or in the forums? Maybe something like the Flattr button on the W3C validator page?

Just a little something to cover the small "thank-yous" when you go above and beyond regular duty. For example, sometimes you really go out of your way to actually write code for some of us Perchers when we have a question (see my last post for an example), and that's really outside of the scope of purchasing a license, I think.

Put another way, you don't need to always give the entire answer (just a nudge the right way is great!), but often do anyway, and if there was a way to "buy you a coffee" (or cuppa' tea, as it may be), I would.

Just a thought.

Richard Terrick

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  • 7 years ago

..... +1

Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

The best way you can show support to us is to spread the word about Perch. As a bootstrapped business advertising is prohibitively expensive in most cases. The support we get from our Perchers telling their friends and colleagues, writing about us, speaking about us at meetups is the biggest way we get the word out.

So rather than a tip jar, if you get great help and tell other people that really is of great value to us and very much appreciated.