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Can someone please supply a screenshot of what the events calendar looks like?

Hi Drew, Rachel, and anyone else who has a free moment to view this :)

As the title goes, could someone please supply me with a screenshot of what the events calendar looks like?

I thought it may be quicker/simpler to ask here, rather than installing perch on a dev site & setting it up.

I'd hate to set it up, if it's not something I plan on using, but I cannot find an image anywhere.



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  • 7 years ago
Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

The events calendar is used on the Nest demo site. So you can see it in use there.

There are screenshots of the admin on the add-on page:

It would only take you five minutes though to drop the app in and our example pages to have a look :)


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Ah ha! Thank you! I couldn't remember, but I knew I had already seen it.

Demo site it was.

And yes, I completely forgot about Perch having example pages.