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Infinitescroll feather not loading all of the posts

Hi all, I have the feather set up for infinitescroll exactly the way it's described. but for some reason it doesn't load all of the posts required when you scroll. It just loads the oldest one and ignores all of the others in between. anyone have any ideas?

on this page for example :

there are 12 posts that should show up but on scrolling it only adds an 11th post and ignores one of them.

Gareth Phillips

Gareth Phillips 0 points

  • 7 years ago

and on this page, it only loads 8 of the 12..

I get 12 posts on both of them links,

Tried a different browser? Or reseting your cache?

Nice one Dexter! I had cleared my cache but I think the apache script on the server had held the php cache there so forced that to change and it worked