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Allow Editor to Choose Collection For Display

Hello - I have some Collections made, groups of items to display in a grid. I want the editor to be able to choose from the existing group of Collections - but not to add it to the page to edit (like in the Page Options) but to choose, preferably a group of checkboxes, which collection they want to add to the page. One or more.

This would allow them to choose one or a bunch of groups of items to add to the page, and the Collections themselves can be updated and reorder from the one Collection location.

So how do I give the editor this option in the page template?

Leigh C

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  • 5 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

You'd need to create a field type. Do you have the capability in house to do that?

Leigh C

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Not sure what you mean. How can I create a field type?

Is there a field type that can be created to list all collections in a select or checkbox layout? I don't see it here, but this could be SUPER useful in many ways throughout my sites:

PS. I'm not an API developer, so I don't have the resources to custom create a field type from scratch. Looking for a quicker way to reuse groups of items across my site and this would be perfect.

Rachel Andrew

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Field Type documentation is here

They are reasonably straightforward to create with some PHP knowledge.