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Use of regions for testimonials


I am trying to use the regions function to display testimonials on my website. I obviously have many of these and have a blockquote style I would like them to follow. The code is as follows:

<blockquote class="style1"> <p>"<?php perch_content('Testimonials'); ?>"</p> </blockquote>

My question is... How would I go about having a separate blockquote for each item? The only way I can think of is by changing the template to a code block but this means it will be more difficult for my staff to update.

Any help appreciated.


Conor Harkins

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  • 4 years ago
Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

You would make the blockquote part of the template, I'd suggest looking at our video tutorial on editing templates.

Thanks for your quick reply, Rachel.

I have tried what you suggested - it works in part.

My code is:

<blockquote class="style1"> <perch:content id="text" type="textarea" label="Testimonial" markdown="true" editor="simplemde" /> <perch:content id="text" type="text" label="Author" markdown="true" editor="simplemde" /> </blockquote>

The Testimonial field works fine but the other field does not show. Any ideas?

Just noticed my HUGE mistake. I have changed the id tags and it now works perfectly.

Thanks Rachel!