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Hey everyone,

Every since taking over, I have had grand plans to rip apart, refresh and relaunch the site but haven't quite found the time to do so. Along with an absolute stack of submissions which have yet to make it on to the site.

I refactored the codebase a fair while back but lets be fair, it's looking dated these days!

I am putting it out there and asking if anyone would like to take over the site along with the hosting, domain and social accounts, and turn it into an active perch resource once more.

Ideally looking for someone fairly active in the perch community and looking for a project. If you are interested, please do get in touch.

Marc Sanders

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  • 3 years ago


As in the past I contacted you for doing exactly this... and I would love to take over the site and build it back up.

I am a friend of Brandon Livengood whom you acquired the site from.

Good luck with the site. Hope that you can resurrect it :-)

That’s great Robert, I will send you an email.

Marc Sanders said:

That’s great Robert, I will send you an email.

That’s awesome. I did fire off an email to you last night which I am sure you likely received.


Have a quick question re how the current site works. Is it a Perch custom app to allow directory submission and moderation/display?

Clive, I will attempt to answer your Q, but I am not completely sure I understand it...

The current site is using a custom script to take the submitted form for moderation. I have looked at the current files and don’t think I will continue with the same process.

I think a site that features Powered By Perch websites should employ all the existing Perch apps, or custom apps built using the PerchAPI.

The backend has a few really cool features and really takes advantage of the Perch Dashboard, but the site falls to pieces when updated to Perch 3.0, so a bit of work is needed to update the custom apps already in service.

As you are aware, I have built many Perch Apps and they will also be employed quite heavily on the new site.

I would like a “Clive’s Corner”, Designer Tips Section, Favorite Perch_Custom regions code and more. In the newest version I will use the members app to allow designers to advertise their services and show off their portfolio.

The new site will truly be Powered By Perch in every respect, but will likely be Runway core...

Hit me up by email if you have some ideas or want into the action.


OK, sent you an email.


How do I submit sites to the site?

Also, pagination seems to be broken

Kind regards


I am aware no new sites can be submitted at this time... Since I took over I got buried on other projects and have not been able to work on PBP.

I will have a chance in the near future.

Robert Ketter


I'm not sure how feasible it is, but if you would like some help would it be possible to farm out some things you need done to the community? I'm sure many different people would love to help out with the project.