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Email notifications for comments on the blog app


Not sure if I am missing something in the documentation, but I need email notifications to be sent to article authors when a comment is left on our blog. I cannot seem to find how to do this. Is it possible? Any help with regard to pointing me toward the documentation on this would be very much appreciated.

Thanks, Gerry

Gerry Valentino

Gerry Valentino 0 points

  • 4 years ago

Doesn't look like the blog app has this functionality. Perch could really make use of a notification app.

Doesn't Settings - General Settings - Blog - Checkbox "Notify author of new comments" do this?

My bad. Didn't see anything in the documentation.

I missed that... but, it doesn't seem to be working. It's been checked... but, nobody is receiving notification.

Hmmmn. Guess I need to do some digging.

Thanks for the feedback.

Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

Have you checked that any email is being sent by Perch? You can test that in Settings.