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Is it possible to access Assets via ckeditor image upload button?

I've started using assets which is great if you're using an image region, for example. However the one thing I've run into straight away is that I still have to use the 'old' functionality to upload images via the ckeditor plugin. I'm not sure how tricky it is but in an ideal this would be connected to the "assets" so that I could select an image from there or I could upload a new file which would also end up in the assets store. Am I missing this or is this not possible at the moment?

I guess in the short term it might be handy to show the file URL against each asset when you're viewing it in Perch Assets. At least then you could copy and paste it but would be better obviously to just be able to select the file.

Appreciate its a 'plugin' so probably good reasons why it might not be there but if possible, think it would make sense to add it at some point.

Jonathan Clift

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  • 7 years ago
Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

Yes we intend to add this at some point. WYSIWYG Editors however will always be something of a second class citizen in Perch, so our priority is ensuring the Assets functionality works really well within templates and in our first party add-ons before that.

I thought that might be the case, just wanted to check it was on the radar.

Hi, Just wondered is this has been implemented in any way yet?

What i'm looking to do is add an image(s) to a textarea which will translate to a large section on a page that may have a few paragraphs and images but i will not know how many. It's meant to be fee for all like a wiki really. Is this possible in anyway?

Thanks for any help. :-)