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Modifying Blog App

Hi To All,

Could anyone help me in modifying the blog app, I wish to add one category per post, so instead of check box I wish to make it a selection box. Could you help me on how to do this ?

Thank you in Advance .

JRden Fadallan

JRden Fadallan 0 points

  • 7 years ago

I've found out where I can modify the perch blog category, it is here at the apps/perch_blog/modes/ and I saw this one

echo $Form->checkbox_set('cat_ids', 'Categories', $opts, isset($details['cat_ids'])?$details['cat_ids']:array(), '', false, $multicol);

I've change it to a drop-down box using echo $Form->select_field('cat_ids', 'Categories', $opts);

But it seems it is not saving the value Could you help me regarding this ? Thank you

I'm not sure you'll get much help with this here on the forum as you should not really be modifying the Blog App itself. In case you hadn't realised, on the next Blog App update, any changes you make will just get overwritten and then you'll need to apply them again.