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Not a new site, but now a Perch site

This is a tale about the ease and satisfaction of using Perch!

We just finished replacing an ageing ‘home built’ CMS (Content Management System) that we wrote for the Crawley CVS site back in 2008. Faced with needing to bring that CMS up to date for latest PHP and MySQL standards, we opted to replace all the existing functionality with Perch templates instead.

We were already using Perch in some places on the site (and 20+ other sites we’ve recently built). With no significant code changes needed, we’ve now replaced all the old site administration.

The site works just like it did before and their visitors don’t know anything has changed. Now the website owner can update far more of the site, all in one place, and with a few bonus features we’ve now given them. One happy customer (they love Perch) – and how great is Perch for retro-fitting CMS functionality. :-)

Graham Street

Graham Street 17 points

  • 7 years ago