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Just a simple one about Shop Checkout...

Hello, I just have a quick question about checkout in shop, I have a site which used to use perch_paypal but I have been upgrading it to perch_shop.

Some people have already paid for subscriptions in the old shop and new customers will be paying in the new shop. I want to have an honor system in place by which someone can checkout through manual gateway if they claim to have already paid for a subscription, but also have a paypal express gateway for new subscriptions.

Can I have more then one gateway setup at the same time? I am feeling yes, but I have not tested.

Of course I know not everyone will do the honorable thing here, but in our previous shop if someone didn't checkout, we still allowed access while we contacted the member for payment.

Robert Ketter

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  • 5 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

Yes, you can have as many gateways as you need - you just need to control the logic as to which you use when.