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Dataselect not populating Options and Values

<button class="btn" id="<perch:content id="brand_filter_id" type="text" label="Brand Filter ID" required="true" help="ex. cy, ri, hws, tps" />"><perch:content id="brand_name" type="text" label="Brand Name" required="true" help="ex. Courtyard, Residence Inn, Homewood Suites, Towneplace Suites" title="true"/></button>

This is my Code, it uses for example: cy in the html but the output is Courtyard. However when I use a data select and set the options (what shows up in the select box) as "brand_name" and the abbreviations as the value. The "brand_name" is populated both in the select field and the code itself.

<perch:content id="property_brand" label="Property Brand" type="dataselect" page="/texas-western-portfolio.php" region="Portfolio Page - Brand Filters" options="brand_name" value="brand_filter_id"/>

I need it put the "brand_filter_id" (cy) in the code, but list the "brand_name" (Courtyard) in the admin panel for the editor to choose from. I feel like there is just one thing im missing here, I have also tried to flip them and its just puts the "brand_filter_id" (cy) in bot spaces.

Brittany Lewis

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  • 4 years ago
Drew McLellan

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I think where you have:


it should be:


I feel silly, Thank you! It worked

Drew McLellan

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Easy to miss - no problem.