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Add a new address

Is it possible for a customer to create multiple addresses? The standard address edit template only allows the customer to edit the two default addresses that are created.

Tony Astley

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  • 3 years ago

Hi Tony

Yes, I have this working (one customer has added about 10 addresses to their account). I created a new page called add address and then added a button to the account page that points to the same form as edit address. The form will be blank because there's no address id in the url to populate the form. Once saved the address is added to the customer account.

If you want to delete addresses then you will probably need to hide the address as there's no way to delete addresses (because the data appears on previous orders I guess).

Hope this helps gets you started.


Thanks Jon, I'll take a look.

Slowly getting there :-).

Ha! My brain imploded when I built a shop last year so I feel your pain. Best of luck.

Yeah, I'm beginning to think I need to switch to a different solution. There's simply too much or what I would deem essential features missing from the admin - and poking around in the admin isn't the way forward with Perch.

Shame I really got into normal Perch.

Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

Yes, you can create as many addresses as needed using the address and address edit forms.