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Perch Image Gallery


I am doing a standard Perch (rather than Runway) build for the first time in a while. The client is a builder, and wants an image gallery for them to upload photos of their work. Each image would need a small bit of descriptive text (which would be used as part of a lightbox), and would need to be categorised by project type (e.g. New Build, Renovation, Landscaping etc). These project types would then be filtered by the visitor if desired.

I would usually do this with a Collection and Categories in Runway but don't have the option here. Is the Gallery app the best approach for this use case? There are 60 images on their current site so there will be more than that on the new one.

Any pointers appreciated, I don't want to head down the wrong approach.

Many thanks


Mike Harrison

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  • 4 years ago

Mike. I think last time I did an image gallery I had a region that allowed multiple items then used a main template for the album, and a repeater for the images of that album. I did it this way for ease of import in future since regions import into collections in runway upgrades. I'm sure there may be additional ways too.

Duncan Revell

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I think the gallery app is most useful when you want to drop a group of images into a page - which it doesn't sound like you need here.

I guess a page called 'Projects' with a multi-item region - each item accepts an image, some text, a category etc. Then filter using perch_content_custom. You can then expand that out if the client wants to add more detail to the project.

Mike. Of course categories is also available in perch so you could still do the filtering as you have in your runway example.

Thanks for the input both that's really helpful - I will go with the multiple item region approach and avoid the Gallery app for this project.

I don't see why it wouldn't work for you. You can have a checkbox or selection field to each image to classify them and use a javascript like isotope to filter the output. I have often wondered this myself. I just find the convenience of the gallery app to much to ignore.