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Members app - allow members to upload images to Amazon S3


I'm about to start a website that gives registered users the ability to upload images for the public to view.

Using Runway is it possible to give logged in users (via the members app) the ability to upload images to Amazon S3? I know Runway supports S3 and setting up the members app is pretty simple. But I can't confirm if it's possible to give users the ability to upload to an s3 bucket.

If this is doable can you provide some details on how?

Thanks in advance, Pierre

Pierre Lemoine

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  • 6 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

At the moment that's not provided by the Members app itself. Members manages the account and authentication and basically gives you a framework to place that sort of functionality around. It doesn't offer editing of page content itself.

The S3 part isn't really any issue once you're uploading images.