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Redactor bug inside repeaters.


I think I may have found a little bug when using redactor within a repeater. I've made a screen cast of the issue and uploaded to dropbox... (The quality is a bit rubbish if watched in browser, much better downloaded.)

The video is probably worth more than words but in summary it looks like when you add a second item to the repeater from being empty, the new redactor toolbar isn't given a new ID and so doesn't work.

To work around for this at the moment I'm having to create a new empty repeater item, save and return to the page. Everything works as it should after this, it just seems to happen when you try to populate the repeater for the first time.

A bug report just in time for the bank holiday weekend. Joy. (Unless it's not a bug and my mistake, then I'm even more sorry!)

Thank you!

Mark Greenwood

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  • 7 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

I'll take a look. At the moment I've no way to say if it's us, Redactor, or some combination of the two.