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help reproducing editor in block issue...

I posted this on someone else's thread regarding the issue of editors in perch blocks, but thought I would put it here in case it helped:

I was initially using redactor and switched the template to ckeditor to see if it was a redactor issue...

So I think it is something that effects all editors because I think I tried all the editors I had installed on that site (redactor, ckeditor and ace).

I think it corresponded with the perch update that allowed for the override of the redactor config file... (/perch/addons/plugins/editors/config.js)

Anyway. This may help, sorry if this is posting where I shouldn't (not my tread).

I'm attaching the template in question. It has several blocks that each have textareas with redactor set as the editor.

If you load this template, add a couple 'headline and text' blocks (I made them all popsicles for you), you should see that the editor does NOT load.

Here's the weird part. If you change the textarea editor in the 'content_slider' block to ckeditor, the textarea for 'headline and text' will display the redactor editor in the admin!

And, Natalia, For your launch, you can enter the html into those fields and they will display correctly on the site as a temporary work around.

Here's the template for testing:

<div class="textual">
  <perch:block type="promo_block" label="Promoted Text with Background" icon="popsicle">
    <div class="promo parallax promo-dark promo-flat promo-full <perch:content id="sticktotop" type="radio" label="Stick to Top?" options="Yes|header-stick ,No" help="This setting will make this element butt up against the element above it." /> <perch:content id="bottommargin" type="radio" label="Bottom Margin?" options="Bottom Margion 50px|bottommargin, No Bottom Margin|nobottommargin, Small Bottom Margin 12px|bottommargin-xs" help="Set whether the size of this element’s bottom margin." />" style="background-image: url(/images/parallax/7.jpg); background-position: 50% 308.5px;" data-stellar-background-ratio="0.5">
    <div class="container clearfix">
        <h3><perch:content id="promo_text" type="textarea" label="Promo Text" required="true" imagecrop="false" /></h3>
<div class="container clearfix">

  <perch:block type="headline_text" label="Headline and Text" icon="popsicle">
    <perch:content id="headline" type="text" label="Title" required="true" html="false" suppress="true" />
    <perch:content id="body" type="textarea" label="Body" html="true" editor="redactor" />
  <perch:block type="content_slider" label="Slider" icon="popsicle">
    <perch:content id="section_title" type="text" label="Section Title" required="false" html="false" help="The title that appears above the this section of the page." suppress="true" />
        <perch:content id="number_of_columns" type="number" label="Number of Columns" required="true" suppress="true"  help="Enter the number of columns that should display." />
        <perch:repeater id="slider_items" label="Slider Items">
            <div class="col_one_third <perch:if exists="perch_item_last" /> col_last<perch:else /></perch:if>">
                <div class="avatar"><img src="<perch:content id="ourvaluesimage" type="image" label="Our Values Image" crop="true"/>" style="width: 100%;"></div>
                <h3 class="topmargin-xs"><perch:content id="value" type="text" label="Value" required="true" html="false" title="true" /></h3>
                <perch:content id="ourvaluetext" type="textarea" label="Value Text" html="true" editor="redactor" />
  <perch:block type="page_divider" label="Page Divider" icon="popsicle">
<div class="jag-f8 <perch:content id="bottommargin" type="radio" label="Bottom Margin?" options="Bottom Margion 50px|bottommargin, No Bottom Margin|nobottommargin, Small Bottom Margin 12px|bottommargin-xs" help="Set the size of this elements bottom margin." />">
<div class="container clearfix">

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Sorry, are you looking for help from me here? I don't really follow.

I thought this would be of help to you. I think the issue of editors showing up is blocks is something people are struggling with... I was sending you a template which displays the issue and a process you could try to reproduce it on your end.

My guess is that editors do not show up in blocks if they are called by multiple blocks in the block set.

Sorry, I had originally posted this in Natalia's thread where the context maybe made more sense.