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Staff page - how can I pull that information to differnet places around the site...

I have a staff page that has a list of all the staff and relevant contact information and images.

How can I pull 1 or occasionally 2, into other pages created through Page Templates and into a Content Template?

Is it possible to get a drop down options box within a Content Template to select which staff member to display?

I'm sorry for all my posting to this forum. I'm really new and still trying to find my feet.


Philip Young

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  • 7 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Have looked at the documentation and can't get to grips with it at all.

All the Staff are added by a Repeater Template which pulls in and displays that on the Staff page. (Includes Image, Name, Title, phone, email etc)

I then need to somehow select their name on another page to display a small version of all their details. This would be done in admin area. I'm trying to make it as straight forward as possible for whoever updates the site in future only needs to input each person once, and then choose who to display on other pages.

Do I need to use various Dataselects?

I am a bit bamboozled with this part to be honest.


Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
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I'd missed the bit about the repeater in your original question. The answer is probably no then.

Ah. OK. That's a shame.

If I work out a way to do it without a repeater would that be an option? (not that I can at the moment)

Drew McLellan said:

Yes, you can use a dataselect field:

Damn, this is awesome, thanks for this!