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Custom CkEditor

Our clients really love CKEditor but would like a few custom features to better integrate the functionality of Perch.

  1. Ability to add images from the Assets/Buckets.
  2. Ability to add files from the Assets/Buckets.
  3. Link to existing pages within the website when adding a link (i.e select page from dropdown)
Jonathan Hazelwood

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  • 2 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

At the moment we're focusing on Redactor as the WYSIWYG editor that we'll sink time into for integration features. These things could be added to CKEditor too, but it probably won't be by us.


Thanks for the feedback. I completely understand focusing on one editor for the system with added integration features. I have a few requests for Redactor (my favorite editor).

  1. Add "Tables" plugin
  2. Ability to specify action on a link (i.e blank page, etc) as well as link type (i.e email, url, etc)
  3. Select internal page from dropdown to link to when selecting a "link"

Select internal page from dropdown to link to when selecting a "link"

This post may help. It's written for Perch 3.0.5 though and I don't know if the Perch redactor implementation has changed since then. Drew can comment I'm sure.


Thanks for the awesome reply, I will try it out today. I am sure our clients (as well as us) will love the feature.