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Hi, is there a way to enable CKEditor in source mode automatically, i.e. without <p></p> placed around the text added? Also, how do I enable <sup></sup> and <sub></sub> buttons?

Client is insisting on having <sup>®</sup> after their product names globally and I'm using the product names in a <h1></h1> tags. I can click 'source' in the editor and type 'Product Name<sup>®</sup>' and save and it works, but if I go back to edit the region when I save the editor reverts to <p>Product Name®</p> !!

Or any alternative solutions welcome... thanks.

Chris Jones

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  • 4 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

You can find information on configuring editors here:

For any specific CKEditor questions, you'd need to ask them rather than us.

Try this along what Drew said

config.startupMode = 'source';


toolbar:[ {name: 'lineone',
   groups: [ 'textface', 'textstyle', 'parastyle', 'specialcontent', 'html' ],
   items: [ 'Format','Font','FontSize', 'TextColor','BGColor',
   {name: 'linetwo',
    groups: [ 'cutcoppaste', 'unredo', 'findreplace', 'subsup', 'block', 'special' ],
     items: [ 'Cut','Copy','Paste','PasteText','PasteFromWord',

AND check the default config.js file.

Drew, Lexi, many thanks for your help.