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Tracking form submission with Google Analytics

I’m trying to track form submissions of a Perch form in Google Analytics.

I’ve tried attaching an event in a separate javascript file on form submission and also adding onsubmit directly to the <perch:form> element. The Google Analytics event never seems to fire and get tracked.

Does anyone have any advice for tracking submission of Perch forms with Google Analytics?

Nick Bramwell

Nick Bramwell 5 points

  • 7 years ago

You can redirect the form submission on success to a Thanks page and add Google code to that? Redirect is in the Form settings. Would that do what you want?

Agree with Clive,

We find goals in Google Analytics really helpful.

How to:

Put a success URL in the form options

Set up a goal in Google Analytics for that success url and add a funnel for the page(s) your form is on.