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Voluntary Action Arun & Chichester (VAAC)

I put a new Perch Runway website live over the weekend.

The customer is delighted and is already getting positive feedback from the visitors and members. It replaced a (not very) old but slow WordPress website. The new site uses Collections quite heavily, and Blocks for different partial page layouts that the customer can tailor. The whole site was built on two master pages (home and subpage). There's very little JS and a fair amount of CSS animation. And (first time I've managed it) there are no HTML errors or warnings when validated - probably due to very little 'external' code.

The site uses the Members app to protect an area of the site that supplies additional info to members. That part of the site also has a helper function for the password field - to force an improvement in the quality of passwords chosen. Big thanks to Hussein Al Hammad for showing me how to autoload a class file that I wanted to keep outside the Perch Members add-on.

VAAC were great to work with as they are really enjoying and enthusiastically using Perch - and were also desperate to ditch WP. Feel free to take a look at

Graham Street

Graham Street 17 points

  • 2 years ago

Great site Graham. Really nice feel to it. Interesting that you've gone for secondary navigation in a left-hand column rather than drop-down menus. I've always preferred that approach.

Thanks. We've always avoided dropdown menus as we feel they are clumsy on mobile devices. We do a lot of work for charities and the voluntary sector, and their feedback on usability goes into each site we build.