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Upgrading to Runway


I want to upgrade one of our Perch license keys to Perch Runway, however, I don't see an option to do this when I am logged in.

Any idea why this is?

Also, this license key is been used on a live website and we are creating a new website, will upgrading to Runway affect the current live site?

Fishtank Creative

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  • 4 years ago

When logged into you account, click on the perch license which you intend to upgrade. There you will find the button to upgrade the license. That is also where you will find this message

Applying an upgrade to a license will generate a new license key. If you're not ready to migrate your site to Perch Runway, hold off applying the upgrade until you are. Please also consult the upgrading guide in the documentation.

It's completely possible to upgrade a perch site to Runway and have it continue to function as it did before, but understand the two products are quite different in terms of how they work. So it's best to download Runway and build your local dev site and get a feel for all the new that comes with Runway before you dive into the live site upgrade.

BTW, Welcome to Runway, it's going to be a smooth flight. Just remember to buckle your seatbelt and put you seat in the full upright position at takeoff. :)

Hi Robert,

We have multiple license keys for Perch and I can see an option to upgrade on other license keys, however, for this license key that I am trying to upgrade there is no option.

I have looked at the docs and noticed it specifically states Perch 2, as this is quite an old website it might have been created using Perch 1, could that be an issue?

Yes. Runway Upgrades are for Perch 2/3 to Runway only.

Cheers, thanks for your help.