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Perch update notification emails


Previously I think I've received emails when there's an update to Perch or Runway, but I don't seem to any more.

Now, since I've deleted the notifications/emails I can't say exactly when they stopped or if I was actually receiving notifications, but I know I haven't received anything for 3.0.9 or 3.0.10 and probably 3.0.8. I've confirmed with another developer they have not received any as well.

Is this something you're still doing? Or am I misunderstanding how things should work?

It's nice to know when there's a new release, especially when there are a lot of bug fixes like 3.0.10.


Darryl Hein

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  • 3 years ago
Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

No, we've never sent "notification emails". We sometimes email about particularly important releases, or where there are big features.

To track all minor releases see

What's the best way to be notified of new releases? (Without needing to visit the webpage on a regular (daily) basis.)

Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

There is an RSS and JSON feed on that page so you can follow one of those. However we would notify people in the event of a security related issue for example, otherwise just check when you happen to be working on the site.