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Alphabetize on row

Perch 3.0.9 Use to be able to alphabetize on field, but I do not see that option in 3.0.9 where is that.

Carol Swinehart

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  • 3 years ago
Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

I'm afraid I don't understand what functionality you are talking about. Can you explain where this was?

If you choose the template to add multiple items it shows up in both. My problem is to add multiple google maps in a page all the items have to have unique id numbers. Is there a way as in php to say the next item is i+ an iteration and then a way to alphabetize within the template itself so items are show in alphabetical order with unique ids for each grouping.

Drew McLellan

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You can sort a region alphabetically on a given field. That's in the region options.