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Slow site- can perch installation cause it?


We recently migrated a site to using Perch Runway. . Prior to this, it was just a set of html pages we were maintaining. We had a few directories of files for a stand-alone pages that don't need to be in the CMS. These pages seem to take a long time to load, if at all. Often times, I have to refresh to get all the resources to load. Example, The hosting company, Network Solutions, says that there is nothing wrong on their end. I've done some speed tests on the page and nothing is throwing large red flags. It seems the connectivity is intermittent and sometimes resources won't load.

I've uploaded these files to another completely unrelated site that I host that runs Perch. It's using a different hosting company. Aside from the first image loading a little slow, I don't have any issues with the page not completely loading.

We also loaded the files to a server without any Perch installation and the files load perfectly fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be causing this?

Amanda Shafer

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  • 2 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

If the page is not going through Runway then no, Runway won't be having any impact on page load performance.