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Moving from dev to live

Hi there

I just want to clarify something as I've got to move the site I've done for a client from the dev site to the live site today. The live site is as normal and the dev site is on a created subdomain i.e.

I've got one database set up and just wondering if I need to create a new database for the live site or can it run from the same database as the dev site? I've read through this: which makes me think I need to create a new database for the live site.

The dev and live site are currently on the same server but just in different directories.

If I want to keep the dev site running in case future updates are needed I would think I would need a new database for the live site but I'm unsure about this.

Can you let me know what the best approach is.



Evie Milo

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  • 7 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

If they're on the same server there's no need to change the database.

Super - thanks for getting back to me quickly.

I'll try andget the site live today and if I have any issues I'll post back.

I want to installand test the backup app first, so will do that prior to moving.

Didn't get anything done yesterday so working tonight instead. Just noticed this in the htaccess file on the dev site:

AuthType Basic
AuthName "Heriot Toun Development"
AuthUserFile "/home/herincou/.htpasswds/public_html/dev/passwd"
require valid-user

Do I keep this when transferring the site to make it Live? Or do I just have a blank htaccess file?

Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

Presumably that requires a login? If you don't want people to need to login to see the live site then you would need to remove that.

Right OK - Oops - this is to do with the dev subdomain and not Perch - sorry to bother you - I don't need this after all.