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Variable set of Regions

Hello Perchies,

after developing and successfully running several Perch-Websites i have a suggestion to make. Im pretty sure that feature was suggested before but i think this is very easy to implement.

Im talking about variable Region Templates. Currently you always have to choose between Content-Blocks or predefined Regions. And that is absolutely O.K. But after working with a lot of different clients we often encounter the problem that its not possible to add new regions into the page. Most of the times this is a good solution so editors cant crash the page by placing a not defined region at the wrong spot. But sometimes it might be useful to just let the editor choose a region out of a set to place into the page.

In a perfect world, the configuration would work like this: 1. Defining my Region with perch_content_create 2. Instead of adding just 1 template, i use an array of templates (where you can choose from in the backend) 3. I set 'multiple' => true, if i want more than just one region

In the UI i then just have to choose a template for each region item and the system automatically displays the correct template/inputs-fields.

Is this a realistic Feature-Request or did you already discard it? Or am i completely dumb and there is another solution for this scenario?

Thanks in advance, Bastian

Bastian Silbereis

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  • 2 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

That's really the intention behind Blocks.

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