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Security and backups

Hi, some of my client's Wordpress sites had being attacked and some of them I did not have a backup of the site resulting on a big failure.

I am revising all my Perch sites and I would like to offer my clients a security-backup program. My question would be, how should I proceed?

1) update Perch and addons 2) Install backup addon (it's still available this one?)

Please let me know any advice for giving my clients a good and secure experience


Raul Serrano

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  • 2 years ago

Perch Runway back-ups (database and resources) to Amazon S3 have been working well for me.

Clive Walker said:

Perch Runway back-ups (database and resources) to Amazon S3 have been working well for me.

Hi Clive! Could you explain me a little more in detail how to achive that?


There are two aspects to this, 1) Setting up a regular back-up and 2) Cloud (S3) storage. You will also need to set-up Amazon S3 beforehand, it's not difficult but you need to find your way round their web admin control panel.

1) For back-ups via scheduled tasks, see

2) For Amazon S3, see the docs here

Also, Dropbox is an option,

Thanks Clive!

I am not pretty sure about this: Does those backups are full site backups?

I just read that I need to save site files and configuration via Git or similar... This is getting complicated...

Git isn't too complicated tbh.

Whether you use Git or not, you will have a copy of the site files on your own PC/Mac and these will be backed up won't they?

Yes, you are true. Thanks Clive. — Now I have to read a bit and check if it's a big work to switch from Perch to Runaway, and then ask my client for a Backup maintenance

As I read I need to also buy a Cloudfare or similar CDN too?

You only need Cloudflare/CDN if you are using Amazon S3 to serve resources and backing up.