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Have you created any apps?

Hello Perch users...

I am wondering if you have created any apps for use in Perch or Perch Runway?

This includes onetime apps which you may have created for a specific task on a single site...

I have over the past couple years made a few, then re-coded them and learned so much from it.

If you have made custom apps, are you willing to share them (no matter how ugly the code :=).

I would love the challenge of cleaning up the code, maybe improving what the app performs then offering the apps free of charge back to the perch community.

Please, let's put our heads together and produce third party apps for everyone's use...

Will you help? I can be reached at where you can email or share your code.

Thanks for reading.


Robert Ketter

Robert Ketter 103 points

  • 6 years ago

Have you seen much response to this?

I'm really looking forward to the app market place promised by Rachel and Drew!

I'm no API developer myself so I do struggle beyond coding with what is already available, so I'm more than happy to pay for custom apps if they tick the right boxes!

There are a couple of apps described on and in the Slack channel. Have you seem those?

Thanks Clive, just had a look and that Google Analytics one is just what I've been looking for! :D