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Creating Front End Pages for Perch Runway App

Been a long day so sure i am missing something obvious, but are there any docs to help me get my head around how i can take the data that sits within the app i have created and create dynamic pages on the front end of the site i am developing, sure this is something obvious.

I have an app that stores case studies (its an app as it has a very specific editing experience and hierarchy that doesn't work as a collection) and the back end stuff was pretty straightforward due to the other apps available, but now i can't figure out what the process is to start displaying that information in the front end, specifically with regards to dynamic urls that correspond to the individual case study slugs.

Looking at the blog app, it has a physical front end folder with specific php pages (which looks like standard perch not runway), which i tried but keep getting the perch 404 page, so i decided to create a page in perch based on a template and when requesting the slug url i again get a 404 (i have url rewrite in the system which is based on the blog rewrite url, but it could be wrong).

any help will greatly appreciated.

Roberto Modica

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  • 3 years ago

I think i am a bit slow. added a url patten to the page i create in perch and now it is working.

Apologies to clogging up the forum.