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Formatting editor template and restricting access.

  1. Is it possible to format a template to be two columns. My template is going to facilitate translations, client has requested the English and German appear in side-by-side columns (eventually we'll have up to 7 languages).

  2. Is it possible to have different user logins that restrict what an editor can view and/or edit. For my multilingual implementation I'm looking to have one user be able to edit English and another German (eventually we'll have multiple languages, and it would be nice to hide form elements that don't pertain to the editor's language).

I've tried to convince my client to have separate collections for each language, but they are insistent on having a single collection - primarily because when they add a product in English, they want the language editors to easily see what needs to be translated. I don't see a big problem with 2 or three languages, but when it gets up to 7 or 8 I'm worried it will get a little messy in the template without some kind of filtering.

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  • 3 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

No, Perch doesn't attempt to tackle either of those problems.