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Jewellery store - Runway & Shop

My first perch site, first runway site, first shop site. Made it for a friend in spare time.

Without this forum, lurking the threads, it probably wouldn't have happened. Particularly the more "advanced" things I wanted like getting images to appear in cart, wishlist feature, and a other things I was clueless about until finding various clues to how I could do it by reading the problems of others!

No sales yet... But it's been like 2 days. Hey if you like jewellery, then why not make a purchase! Business is located in Australia.

Hopefully it works, I'm open to any feedback or bug reports :-)


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  • 2 years ago
Hussein Al Hammad

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Looks nice! Well done, PK.

Simon Clay

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Very nice. Like the classy black and white and the nice animation touches when you 'add to basket'.

Nice work PK - I hope sales are going well! I'd love to know more about how you built the product wishlist feature? Are wishlists saved as collection items and then related to each member?

I'm pitching Perch shop to a Jewellery shop client & this would be a very useful feature for customers. Being able to sharing a wishlist via an open unique URL would also be very useful - any idea what this might involve?

I've seen various Shopify implementations that allow site visitors to add to & share a wishlist without having to create an account; customers are prompted to login or sign up to save the wishlist (on a more permanent basis). I guess local storage is used initially & a database entry saved in order to share.


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Hi Adam, the wishlist is simply product ID's stored as a comma delimited string, submitted via AJAX to a custom member field. Collections are not involved in this instance. If user is logged in, I fetch their wishlist, split into array and check if current product is there or not. If you view source of product page you can see the functions involved.

As for the Perch side of things, there's a standard form hidden on the product page when logged in, and the usual template side of things in the member profile page that displays the wishlist. I can provide more details about that if you need it, but it's quite simple.

I really like it when sites use unique URLs to save lists of things for non-logged in users. Be it a shopping cart, or wishlist. The best example I've seen lately is from a computer store in my home city. Here I've added 3 items to a cart and click "share cart" ( and this unique URL is generated. How that is done, I don't know, but I would like to know! If you find out anything, do share it here!

As with all these things, you have to map it out in your head the logic, then try to build it. I can imagine that to avoid conflicts, the process would need to check the URL doesn't exist, then generate it, and add the cart contents to that new page.... sounds simple, but is probably not.

There's no standard wishlist format, so I'm not surprised it's not built into Perch. Some people will want features like "email user when item on wishlist is back in stock" and annoying features like that! The site owner in my case wanted that feature but I had to say sorry, can't do it. System generated emails to users based on stock levels is dangerous IMHO, I wouldn't go that far.

Thanks PK - that's super helpful & looks pretty manageable... I'll certainly let you know if I get anywhere with generating unique urls for sharing! I agree that automatic email notification when a wishlist item is back in stock is a step too far - probably better to have it as an opt in when an item is out of stock, i.e. 'Notify me when available' opt in with an email address field in place of the add to cart button.

Thanks again for your help!


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@Adam, Sometimes obvious solutions come to me days later. With the "share shopping cart/wishlist" where a URL is generated... that URL could simply be an encoded string to represent the product IDs. Then simply decode the url on page load to get the product IDs for displaying. No server side needed of shared links. The content isn't private, it's just a list of products, so it's easy. The pattern for making the string would need to be figured out.. some fancy regex or there's probably a JS library around that can help. The other thing I need to do is coupon codes, they seem to be out of control popular at the moment.

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